Our Story

They say it takes a village to raise a child and through the upbringing of our children and the creation of our newest addition to our family, Raised on Ridge, this ideal couldn’t prove more true. Our brand embodies the power of strong women coming together supporting each other to raise the next generation of children in a way that will make our future a little warmer and brighter.

Who we are

Hello! We are twin sisters (Lauren & Jenna) who grew up on Ridge Road in a small town in Connecticut. Beginning with our mother and grandmothers, we’ve been blessed to be surrounded by strong women our entire life who have played a huge role in making us who we are today. Together with our husbands, we have the privilege of raising 4 little kiddos and know it wouldn’t be possible without the village and communities of support we’ve created. Now mothers ourselves, we’ve felt firsthand the value in moms helping other moms through sleep regressions, potty training, and everything in between. Through the identification of high-end children’s products, we’ve carefully selected products for you to share with your children as well as gift to your family and friends that will make your little ones feel safe, happy and loved!

What Matter to Us

Our community - Raising our children and business surrounded by a safe and healthy environment that we can leave a little bit better than how we found it, through engagement and partnership with other local companies as well as the sale of organic and sustainable products.

Lifting women up - Our friends and family have come together to support us in creating this brand - between logistics, marketing, real-estate and more, and we couldn’t be more grateful to our girl gang that helped in making this all happen. To continue to empower other women, all products in our store are sourced from small businesses started by other strong women. 

 Individuality - It’s amazing how different our children can be between their likes, dislikes and personalities so it’s important to us that their clothes represent their unique styles. If you’re like us, you’ve seen the same clothes across department stores and are looking for something a little different - this is where we come in with our carefully hand selected clothing and brands.

We are so honored you’re here and allowing us to be a small part of you and your family’s village going forward!