Collection: Slumberkins

Which Creature Is Right For you?
Our Snugglers are designed for the tiny hands and young minds of children 0-3 years old. Each Snuggler creature comes with Book 1, an Introduction to a new life skill. These sweet Storytime Rhymes are ideal for reading to a little one before tucking them in bed with their soft and cuddly plush friend.

Our Kins are made for children 3+, but can safely be introduced during playtime at any age. Their traditional plush stuffed body styles are great for imagination play. Each Kin creature now comes with Book 2, a Lesson that shows how the creature’s emotional skill can be applied to a practical life experience.

Slumberkins’ progression of creatures paired with books are made to grow along with a child, becoming a companion a little one can explore the world with! Each creature is packaged with a book and affirmation card, making it the perfect thoughtful grab-n-go gift.

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